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07 Nov

Case Study: Severe Knee Pain

Knee Pain Limits Daily Activities

One of our most recent cases was an older female who has been suffering for years with severe knee pain. It was progressing in intensity causing limited walking; while the patient had to take numerous breaks. Her ability to perform her daily activities became scarce.
Due to her prior visits before our office, she was told to have knee replacement.

Our doctors sat down and talked with her about treatment and other therapies that would help to decrease the pain. After a thorough exam and appropriate testing, x-ray’s were taken of both knees for evaluation.  Of the changes noted, there was moderate arthritis with narrowing of her knee joint spaces with some small spurs.

After we explained the treatment options for her arthritis, we started with cortisone injections and evaluated the joint space. She would then continue the next five weeks with injections by using fluoroscopy for 100% guided accuracy.  Each week she came in & became stronger and more confident in her ability to have some movement.

At the completion, the patient was extremely satisfied and so thankful. She returned to her normal activities along with her walking exercises.  She will not need knee replacement and can live a life, pain free!

We wanted to share her patient testimonial with you. To protect the patient, her name will not be shown.

March 9, 2016

Dear Dr. Eric & James,

Just a note to thank you for giving me relief from the pain in my knees. It is such a joy for me to be able to resume my activities pain free! In addition to that I want you to know how impressed I was with you two and your sweet assistant who was new when I began treatments.

The last time I was there, an extremely busy day, as I was sitting on the bench waiting for my last shot. I felt a deep warmth come over me while observing how you treated every patient with their own pain concerns. While they were each being treated for different things, your gentleness and caring attitude with direct eye contact; along with your compassion that shined through.

I meditated then about how my entire experience during those months was not like the usual dreaded visits I usually felt at a medical facility. I almost looked forward to being there because of you and the entire staff. The gals at the desk and the delightful nurse who administered all the testing.

What a blessing you were to me and are to all of those who come in contact with you in that special place.

With my deepest gratitude,

Your Devoted Patient

By utilizing one of our non-surgical alternatives, we are able to get patients out of pain without the risk of knee replacement surgery.

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