Medical Services

We offer a variety of different medical services to meet your needs! Some examples of the additional services we offer include:

  • Joint Injections
  • DME (back, leg, knee & neck braces)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medical Massage
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Wellness Examinations
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Do you have Imbalance Hormones? If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, chances are they are a candidate for optimal hormone replacement.

  • Difficulty Sleeping at Night
  • Lack of Energy and Fatigue During the Day
  • Reduced Mental Focus and Memory
  • Moody, Anxious or Depressed
  • Weight Gain Including Increased Fat Around Mid-Section
  • Inability to Lose Weight Regardless of Healthy Diet and Exercise
  • Reduced Libido
  • Decreased Muscle Strength

Is BioTE right for you? Balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention. BioTE optimizes hormone levels with tiny pellets just under the skin.  Look to regain energy and muscle strength, have greater ability to lose weight, increase your mental clarity, feel younger and happier, increase your quality of life while preventing age-related illness.

Hormone production in men and women naturally decline as we age. Patients tell us correcting this helps them feel younger again in many ways by reducing these unwanted symptoms. Studies have also shown that optimized hormones have been found to help prevent some age-related illness such osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Unlike annoying creams, patches and frequent shots, the BioTE Method is a preferred choice of dynamically released hormones to the body 24/7 and only required 3 to 5 times per year depending on daily activity levels.

Feel better again can start with a simple test. Make an appointment with us today to see if we can help restore your quality of life and get you back to your best and healthiest self.